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Quadrant Therapy System

L.A. Spas has designed the Quadrant Therapy System to strategically place a select group of jets in specific seats to focus on the primary muscle groups in the body, including neck and shoulder, full back, arms and hands, legs and feet. Each seat is designed to deliver a specific massage including the delivery of soft or deep tissue pressure for optimum therapy. As specific acupressure points on the body are massaged, the muscle tension is released, naturally promoting circulation. By targeting acupressure points, our spa's can effectively relieve daily stresses optimizing the bodies natural healing process.

Key Features
» Focused Therapy Seat » Eurosage Therapy Seat
» Lower Lumbar Therapy Seat » Soothing Six Seat
» Whirlpool Volcano Jet » Therapy Collar
» Dual Foot Jets » Magnassage Lounger
» Waterfall Therapy » Air Injector Therapy

Focused Therapy Seat Eurosage Therapy Seat
Focused Therapy Seat
Eight (8) mid-sized single-stream or rotational jets massage the entire back at a comfortable mid-range pressure.
Eurosage Therapy Seat

Indulge yourself with therapy as eighteen (18) strategically placed Euro Jets along with four (4) Mini Cyclone Jets provide deep penetrating relief, targeting the acupressure points of the neck, shoulder and back.

Lower Lumbar Therapy Seat Soothing Six Seat
Lower Lumbar Therapy Seat

Dynamic Storm Jets focus on the lower quadrant of the back providing a mid level pulsating therapy.

Soothing Six Seat

Loaded with six (6) large storm roto-sage jets with a perfectly positioned v-shaped configuration that is designed to give you an ultimate back massage from top to bottom.

Whirlpool Volcano Jet Therapy Collar
Whirlpool Volcano Jet

A very powerful, deep penetrating jet designed for a universal deep muscle massage, reaching areas like the gluteus, hips, and thighs.

Therapy Collar

A deep, hydro massage relieves tension in the neck and shoulders. Four (4) 2-finger Pulsating Rotational Jets provide relief to the part of the body that carries daily tensions.

Dual Foot Jets Magnassage Lounger
Dual Foot Jets

The most dynamic foot massage in the industry, with dual Max Massage Jets and 28 individual ports. It’s sure to revitalize those tired feet.

Magnassage Lounger

Depending on the model up to fourteen (14) fully adjustable jets massage the body from shoulders to feet. Some models provide therapeutic massage for the wrist/hands, enabling increased movement and dexterity.

Waterfall Therapy Air Injector Therapy
Waterfall Therapy

The sound of a waterfall creates total serenity. It’s like water running down the back of your neck in the shower, except you never run out of hot water!

Air Injector Therapy

Provides a calming effect at the surface and a wonderfully soft bubbling sensation below while increasing buoyancy.

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