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Outdoor Pools

One of the most important decisions in planning and installation a swimming pool which will be luxurious and cost effective to run, is your choice of heater. We estimate that 97% of private swimming pools are heated.
Experience has shown that heated pools are used more frequently and of course the season can be greatly increased. Indeed we have clients with heated outdoor pools that are used for 12 months of the year.

Options available:
» Gas Heaters » Heat Pumps
» Oil Boilers » Electric Heaters
» Heat Exchangers » Solar Matt

Natural/Propane Gas Boilers Click HERE for pricing

These boilers have been designed purely for swimming pools and spas and can operate on either natural gas or propane. The new design with powder-coat finish, allows sitting either internally or externally. Gas boilers allow flexibility with heating and if sized correctly will raise pool water at 1 °F per hour.
All boilers are fitted with pool water thermostats and all necessary controls to meet safety standards. All boilers now come with electronic ignition. For economy, propane boilers should be fueled from a bulk storage tank.


Certikin natural gas boiler Fully C E approved for the UK & most other European countries. They are easy to service and maintain and can be installed indoors and outdoors. PDF attached for the MB55
(flue not included). Boilers are provided with an indoor or outdoor kit.

* 80% Energy efficient
* Special adaptor provided for PVC plumbing
* Unitherm governor - eliminates condensation and scale
* Easy to service and maintain
* Resistant to wind & downdrafts
* High wind tops for the 185, 265 and 405 models are available on request
* Quick-fit electrics - see Pool Controller CCP04
* Note - Vent kits / stackless tops are supplied FOC when ordering boiler.
* Water Balance:
* Important - If you do not pay due regard to ‘Water Balance’ and regularly test your pool water with a good quality water testing set then you may suffer a damaged Heat Exchanger inside or outside your boiler, either through clogging up (excessive scaling) or corrosion by too much acid. This also invalidates warranty. See our Water Treatment section for our water testing set. This applies to all Certikin Heaters.
* Operating Through The Winter:
Due to condensation boilers required to operate throughout the winter should not be installed outdoors.
* Ventilation Requirements:
The heater must have both ventilation and combustion air. Minimum requirements for net free air supply openings at both high and low levels are detailed in the chart.
* Position grilles to avoid the risk of accidental blockage or flooding. Further guidance is given in BS6798 / BS6644 statement.
* Please note: Certikin Gas Heaters are not suitable for use with saltwater pools



The amazing new Certikin Genie range of gas condensing pool heaters is one of the worlds most efficient direct fired condensing pool heater. Each model uses a direct fired stainless steel heat exchanger encased in a plastic composite housing.

The GENIE Range of Condensing Pool Heaters delivers a staggering 97% efficiency compared to standard direct fired pool heaters which operate at around 78%.
* Plastic push fit Horizontal and vertical Flue Kits.
* Supplied Natural Gas with simple conversion kit to Propane
* Lockable pool temperature display in Deg. C or Deg. F.
* Direct fired stainless steel heat exchanger
* 97% condensing efficiency equivalent to SEDBUK A
* Running costs reduced by up to 30%
* Environmentally friendly
* Modulating output for accurate pool temperature control
* IP44 for indoor or outdoor installations, low noise
* Light weight compact design, maximum 2 man lift
* Suitable for pools and spas
* All connection 1.5" left or right hand
* Simple condensate disposal connection
* 24 volt controls designed for pool safety - Supplied ready to go with 3 pin plug
* Honeywell CVI controls
* Multiple heater kit options up to 400 kW output (8 heaters)
* CCP02 Pool controller compatible
* Can be mounted on a wall.

Our boilers feature:
» Full CE approval by British Gas in the UK
» UK based technical expertise
» Electronic ignition guarantees highly reliable performance
» Built in diagnostics for unrivalled service efficiency
» Strong, weatherproof powder coated casing suitable for indoor or outdoor installation
» Highly efficient heat exchanger
» Sizes from 55,000 - 405,000 BTU's

Oil Boilers Click HERE for pricing

We are frequently asked if domestic oil boilers can be used to heat pool water. The answer is no, unless a heat exchanger is fitted. The reason being that a boiler produces water at 170°F which would scold a swimmer positioned near a return inlet. Swimming pool oil boilers are designed with an integral heat exchanger and other safety controls.


Certikin New Oil fired Mk2 Heater 4" flue (flue not included). Approved to the latest OFTEC and EC standards. Even higher efficiency & output, pre-plumbed for ease of installation. Certikin oil Heaters are supplied to accept single wall flue. An adaptor will need to be purchase elsewhere if twin flue is required. Suitable for use with salt water pools.

Features include:
» Fully tested and approved to OFTEC and EC standards
» UK based technical expertise
» Pre-plumbed for ease of installation
» Optional rear balance flue kit available (set to run on 28 sec kerosene only)
» Outdoor terminals are IP44 rated

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Heat Exchangers Click HERE for pricing

Often the most economical installation for swimming pool heating is a heat exchanger. This is linked to the house boiler so that heat is supplied to the pool when it is not required for the house. The advantages of stainless steel heat exchangers are the lack of any subsequent maintenance and the compact design which, being wall mounted , takes up a minimum of space.


Bowman Heat exchangers have cupro-nickel tubes to withstand the aggressiveness of sea or chlorine swimming pool water.

The Heat Exchangers provide a simple method of heating swimming pool water indirectly from a central heating boiler. They should be installed down stream of the plumbing and the filtration. The boiler water must be pump assisted and the usual precautions must be taken to prevent air lock. This pump should be controlled by a thermostat in the pool water pipe before the heat exchanger and set at the required pool temperature.


For Certikin finned heat exchanger female thread composite unions are required.
The certikin heat exchanger is a very compact unit and being wall mounted means that it will take up even less space.




Behncke series heat exchangers for swimming pools. Made in stainless steel with pocket for thermostat. Probe working pressure: Primary 10 bar, secondary 3 bar.

Heat Pumps Click HERE for pricing

Competition Heat Pumps with Titanium Heat Exchanger ABS Housing (CA Range)

Economical heating Competition swimming pool heat pumps are the ideal solution for heating your swimming pool. Their efficiency and components give Competition swimming heat pumps an excellent cost to quality ratio. Their efficient operation will ensure your comfort and well-being in your pool, as well as provide you with significant energy savings for years.

What is the Competition Titanium swimming Heat Pump?

A brand new range of titanium core heat pumps for outdoor swimming pools.

100% Titanium core on all Competition heat pumps!

The Titanium exchanger is specifically designed for the customers who want additional protection from Chlorine, Bromine and all other common pool chemicals. Since titanium is very corrosion resistant, the Competition heat exchanger can withstand all chemical imbalances.

Possessing a titanium thermal exchange surface that is between 15% and 40% greater than competing products, Competition heat pumps are without a doubt the most efficient on the market.

All Competition heat pumps have a titanium heat exchanger.

The Titanium heat exchanger has a life expectancy which is much longer (up to three times) than the standard copper exchanger (15 years).
The chemicals in pool water, including chlorine, bromine and synuric acid, can be extremely corrosive. Especially when pools are shocked and very high levels of chlorine exist, if the owner lets the pool chemistry get out of balance or if chlorine tablets are put in the skimmer.

In the case of heat pumps, if a water heat exchanger gets a hole in it (usually due to corrosion) and pool water enters the sealed refrigeration system, the entire heat pump is ruined.

Competition Digital Controls

Digital display thermostat


Quick and easy temperature adjustment.
Constant display of water temperature.

Competition Heat Pump Titanium Heater

Heat exchanger


Since TITANIUM is very corrosion resistant, heat exchanger can withstand all chemical imbalances. Possessing a titanium thermal exchange surface that is between 15% and 40% greater than competing products, Competition heat pumps are without a doubt the most efficient on the marketCompetition Heat Pump CA Range Photo



Highly efficient Titanium heat exchanger


Digital display thermostat


UV ray resistant PVC casing


Stainless steel screws with nylon washers


painted steel grill


Long life and energy efficient "Scroll" compressor


Suitable for above ground and in-ground pools


Competition Heat Pumps RA Steel Housing Range


Quietest model on the market - 50% quieter than competing products


Installable under a balcony or pool desk


Highly efficient double coil titanium heat exchanger


Digital display thermostat


Enameled steel casing


Stainless steel screws with nylon washers


Painted steel grill


Rotary compressor


Suitable for in-ground and above ground pools

Model 1209-N Model 1210-N
Competition  9kw Titanium


SIZE: 800W x 1015H x 300D (mm)


30,000 BTU

Competition 15kw Titanium


SIZE: 950W x 1240H x 350D (mm)


50,000 BTU


Calorex Heat Pumps Click HERE for pricing

Calorex is the biggest name in swimming pool heat pumps and is the most economical way to heat your pool because it converts heat, which occurs naturally, in the air into heat for pool water. A Calorex heat pump will provide over four units of energy to the pool for each unit of energy consumed. And the sun does not need to shine for the heat pump to work. All Calorex units operate happily with outside air down to 0°C and special models operate down as low as –15 °C.

In the Swim
Controlling the environment in an indoor swimming pool hall is a challenge. Evaporation from the heated pool water combined with chlorine-based water purifiers produces a potentially corrosive atmosphere. Moreover, attempts to control humidity by increasing ventilation in the pool hall carries a cost penalty. Calorex Delta Range

Most public swimming pools are heated to 28°C, or lower for competitive swimming. Though the rate of evaporation can be minimised by holding the air temperature at 2°C above the water temperature during busy conditions, 20kg/hour of water vapour will still be given off from every 100 square metres of surface area. For a typical 33 meter pool, this means that over 100kg of water vapour will be created every hour. At 28°C water temperature, this represents 66kW of heat energy lost. With many public pools requiring refurbishment earlier than expected due, in part, to the hostile indoor environment, owners and managers are increasingly turning to Calorex Delta and HRD systems to provide optimum environments for new and refurbished pools.

Calorex heat pumps are manufactured to suit a large variety of pools. The '20' range will successfully heat the pool water through a typical summer season, operating efficiently at an outside air temperature down to 7°C.

The '10X' range, with a more comprehensive design, offers an extended season usage. This model provides pool water heating with the outside air temperature as low as 0°C. The '10X' range also incorporates an internal by-pass system which allows for a range of pool water flow rates.

Why a Calorex Heat Pump?

Calorex is the world's leading manufacturer of swimming pool heat pumps and is renowned for it's innovation, range and quality of products. A proud claim, backed by over twenty five years of design, manufacturing and operational experience with thousands of units operating in hundreds of countries worldwide.

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Electric Heaters Click HERE for pricing
For economy, electric heaters should be on Economy 7 or off-peak tariff. Thermalec 12 PHR They provide a clean reliable heat source particularly for small pools and spas. For larger pools installation may be limited by size and supply into house. Some of the heaters are better designed for above ground pool use as they have contactors flow switches and controls all built in.

Solar Matt
All pools circulate water through the filtration unit - normally six to twelve hours each day depending on pool usage. If this circulating water is diverted to pass through some black tubes lying exposed to the sun then warmer water is returned to the pool. The more tubes, and the greater flow of water, then the warmer the pool will become.

An effective solar heater needs to be approximately 50% of the pool area. Many of our customers find that a matt laid close to the pool is a very cheap and effective solution, particularly where space is at a premium. Layouts close by the pool are very simple systems to install and give maximum flexibility in operation.

Our customers have shown that given a moderate summer their pools are always comfortably warm without the need for additional conventional heating. If you already have a conventional heater then a solarmatt system will reduce or completely eliminate your fuel bills for the whole of the summer period.

Yes! During the summer months it is unlikely that you would require any other form of heating.

For more information, please contact us on: 0118 930 5000 or email: sales@jameswhitepools.co.uk 

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