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Telescopic Pool Covers

Pool enclosures

The EUREKA standing-height enclosure creates a living space with a charm of its own. Its design and transparency let it blend into the pool site without being overshadowing. Pleasantly decorated, it can offer an enjoyable, timeless environment.

Low profile enclosure

The EUREKA low-profile facet enclosure provides the ideal solution between the residential full-height facet enclosures and the protective enclosures. It is available in several heights from 0.40 m to 1.20 m. Its special form allows complete usage of the swimming pool and limited access to the surrounding deck area.

Open air enclosure

Telescopic: the principle of telescopic construction without floor mounted rails makes EUREKA enclosures suitable for non-pool applications such as retractable roof extensions, terraces, store fronts, etc. The retractable facade permits the enclosure to fold back on one side yet remain open at the section of your choice according to your needs or pool's configuration.

Pool façade

The facade is a EUREKA exclusive. It's special forward folding design pivots the facade upward and away for easy positioning under the roof of the first section, thus avoiding obstacles (ladders, diving boards, etc.) and assuring complete access to the enclosure and swimming pool area.

Wall mounted enclosure

More than any other alternative, wall-mounted EUREKA enclosures offer maximum decorative possibilities and personalized environments. These models can bring the pool site into the home or create a pool house.

Technical Details
Our structures proudly wear the Qualicoat label indicating specially treated aluminum construction. All profiles are EUREKA exclusives. Several profile types are specially designed to meet rigorous standards of wind, snow, chlorine and humidity resistance.

Sliding doors providing access to the rear, facade and sides are furnished with locks for important security.

Mounted on a low rail. 4, 6 or 8 rollers per section, depending on the enclosure's width.

Assured by nylon brushes with stainless steel supports.

Effective yet discretely embedded in the deck providing good ground anchorage. It is necessary to anchor the enclosure during winter.

Stages of Development

From your first enquiry to completion of installation...

  1. Appointment is made for a site visit by our Managing Director.
    -all we ask is that you have a genuine interest in having one of our specialised telescopic pool buildings, and feel comfortable about spending the money.
  2. Advice on options available after all site measurements taken
  3. Drawings prepared to suit your best options
  4. Fixed price quotation offered - initial payment made upon order
  5. Planning permission obtained if necessary (in about only 2 out of 10 cases)
  6. A provisional installation date agreed, then a final date agreed
  7. Your own telescopic building is gradually built up and put together in the factory to ensure a perfect fit.
  8. Your building is taken apart, well packaged and loaded onto the delivery vehicle
  9. Eureka installers off load the delivery vehicle and start to assemble your telescopic building over your swimming pool.
  10. Once final positioning agreed, it is temporarily but firmly fixed to the ground using stainless steel quick release fixings
  11. Eureka installers will show you and explain everything you need to know about your new building and you should be quite happy to give our Eureka installers your 60% balance cheque on the day!
  12. All our orders are overseen from start to finish by the Managing Director, backed up by our experienced commercial and logistics staff, to ensure order processing goes smoothly and leads to a satisfactory completion.

Question : Heating Answer : Hot air heaters may be added to our buildings. The units sit outside the building and can be switched on 20 min's before swimming to boost the temperature. Typical cost are £4,500 per unit plus VAT.

Question : Foundations Answer : Our buildings are temporary structures that only require a 4-6 inch deep concrete strip for our buildings to rest on.

Question : Motors Answer : Our manual buildings run on 75mm wheels and can be easily pushed open by 2 people. Motors may be added during installation or at a latter date and cost typically £3,000 per unit plus VAT and can be finished in a colour to match your building.

Question : Installation Answer : Most domestic buildings can be installed within one day.

Question : Swimming all year Answer : Our sectional buildings are designed to maximise the green house effect. Each section is trimmed with a brush strip to stop draughts and keep insects out whilst keeping the building snug and warm. The ambient temperature can be increased by up to 12ºC and most of our clients swim throughout the year.

Question : Cleaning Answer : Easy to maintain, our glazed structures simply needs pressure hosing to keep it in good condition.

Question : Planning Permission Answer : Is not normally required. But we can advise you and if required we are happy to act as your agent and handle the application for you.

Question : Colour's Answer : Dark green, white and brown, but we can colour match to your choice at an additional cost.

For more information, please contact us on: 0118 930 5000 or email: 

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