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Outdoor Pools

Picture yourself enjoying a swim in comfortable, stylish surroundings - even in the middle of the British winter.

For true year round use of your pool, a Norwegian log enclosure is hard to beat. Strong draught free construction combined with log's natural insulation ensure warmth with minimal running costs. Condensation is also dramatically reduced because log does not have any of the cold surfaces created by ordinary construction techniques.

A new log enclosure can rescue your existing outdoor pool from the British winter. Installation is quick and clean, so before you know it you could be enjoying a warm comfortable swim - whatever the weather.
When you are thinking of a new pool construction think of a log enclosure to compliment it and ask what other enclosure can match it's Scandinavian style and charm.

We also offer a number of commercial log chalets, ideal for existing outdoor pools. Log's natural insulation and the strong draught free construction method save you money. No extra wall insulation is needed to meet building regulations keeping capital outlay and heating costs to a minimum.

Materials and technologies proven in the depths of the Norwegian winter.

Strong, blond... typically Nordic.

Norwegian Log buildings are made from prime European Spruce, harvested from responsibly managed forests in Norway. The trees grow very slowly in Norway's severe climate, and then mature for decades to give dense, fine-grained logs. The wood is so light-coloured and attractive that decorative staining isn't needed, although it is available as an option if you wish.

Specially treated for long life.

Our logs are dip-treated with preservative to a high standard to give an indefinite life span with only minimal maintenance. This gives you lower running costs compared with many other materials and construction methods, and helps preserve the value of your building as an asset.

Shaped interlocking, machined the Norwegian way.

With centuries of experience and tradition behind them - some log buildings in Norway are more than 1,000 years old - the Norwegians know more than most about getting the best from their timber. We use 75 mm (3 inches) solid log and 125 mm (5 inches) laminated log, both of which provide strength and good insulating properties. A twin-log system giving the benefits of cavity walling is also available.

The other secret of high-performance log buildings is the jointing method. Norwegian Log buildings have fully interlocking joints for strength and draught-free comfort. The joints are precision-cut to very close tolerances by computer-controlled machinery for consistent accuracy and fit.

Packaged in the Norwegian factory, your building arrives on site clean and ready for 'right-first-time' erection. It saves time and trouble, and that means lower costs. All residential and commercial buildings are built to comply with Building Regulations specification.

Ideal for swimming and hydrotherapy pools.

Norwegian Log buildings make ideal pool enclosures, whether you are building from new or enclosing an existing pool. The high level of natural insulation helps keep the buildings warm in winter and cool in summer. This saves energy costs and makes the pools more attractive. The insulation also helps to minimise condensation, which saves on maintenance costs and makes the pool area much more comfortable. The pool environment is warm and welcoming, and free from the echo that can be so irritating in ordinary buildings with 'hard' surfaces.

Special design service.

Norwegian Log's standard designs have evolved over the years to give a range of buildings suitable for most clients and applications. However, our design service is available at a reasonable extra cost should you prefer a bespoke Norwegian Log solution.

Disabled access.

Norwegian Log has long experience of designing buildings to facilitate disabled access - a process made easier by the log construction method. Simply contact us to discuss your needs so we can incorporate any necessary modifications to your building.

Five-year warranty

We build our log buildings to a high standard that we have refined over more than 20 years. We will therefore have every confidence in sending you your Warranty Certificate, which guarantees the main structure for five years, once your building is completed.



For more information, please contact us on: 0118 930 5000 or email: sales@jameswhitepools.co.uk 

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