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Outdoor Pools

Auto Dosing/Purifier Options:
» Puronizer
» Ozone

The Puronizer system is a British manufactured ioniser for use in swimming pools, fountains and areas of water that need to be free from algae growth and water life. The Puronizer system brings to the pool owner a simple to use method of ensuring quality water, with little effort, and no algae. >From installation, the Puronizer works totally silently. As your pool water passes through the in line cell unit, copper and silver ions are released killing bacteria and algae.

Puronizer system

The Puronizer is available in 3 sizes.

    • PB2CS for pools up to 20,000 gallons imp
    • PB2CS for pools up to 30,000 gallons imp
    • PB6CS for pools up to 40,000 gallons imp

Key features

» Reduces Chlorine - ideal for asthma sufferers » Ideal for holiday homes where only occupied part time
» Will keep water free from algae » Far less water maintenance
» Reduces chlorine consumption by up to 60% » Low running costs
» Bather comfort improved, especially for asthmatic » For use with Zeoclere and Purity filter media, sand and cartridge filters
» Ideal for indoor pools where chemical smells can be obtrusive » Unaffected by temperature or sunlight
» High quality manufacturing » Designed for use in all parts of globe

Ozone purifies pool and spa water, makes it sparkling clean and clear and reduces the need for chemicals up to 80%, while neutralising harsh, irritating by-products of all pool chemicals.

Ozone is generated when a molecule of oxygen is illuminated by high energy ultraviolet light. Ozone is formed when three atoms of oxygen are bound together instead of the normal two. The extra oxygen atom makes ozone a highly energetic oxidiser.

Ozone destroys algae, viruses, and bacteria on contact - with no harmful by-products. It also breaks down harmful chemicals and acts as a flocculant, causing total dissolved solids to be suspended and easily removed by the water filtration process. Ozone oxidises combined chlorine and bromine, freeing them to be continuously re-used. Therefore the use and cost of chemicals is greatly reduced.

Ozone systems can be easily installed in new pools or retrofitted to existing pools. The Ozone system attaches to the water circulation system quickly and easily, generating Ozone and injecting it into the return, where it instantly purifies the water. In the process, Ozone biologically destroys, bacteria, virus, and algae and oxidises metals which bond together for easy removal by the filter.

An Ozone system offers a clear advantage for spas. The chemistry of a spa can change faster and more dramatically than a pool. High water temperatures as well as increased amounts of body chemicals and organic matter given off by bathers, creates a breeding ground for contaminants. Ozone disinfects the water while the circulation is running, so the spa not only stays sanitary, it's clean, clear and safe. 

For more information, please contact us on: 0118 930 5000 or email: sales@jameswhitepools.co.uk 

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