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Pure, clean water with less effort, fewer chemicals.

The new MicroClean Plus™ Filtration System (on select 800 Series spas) surpasses all others for ensuring pure, clear water with low maintenance, cost-saving energy efficiency and lower chemical usage. It works with the Dynamic Flow Circulation System™ and the Sentry Smart™ Heater to purify and heat the water continuously. Most models are ready for ozone installation, which maximizes water purity and reduce the need to drain and refill your spa as often.

Sundance Spas has the first and only FDA-compliant and National Sanitization Foundation (NSF)-approved filter in the industry.

Triple-Layer Filtration
(MicroClean Plus)

• Multi-fiber outer layer is coated with
  acrylic resin for strength; retains large
• Polypropylene center layer provides
  in-depth filtration
• Polyester outer layer holds microscopic

MicroClean Filtration System

• MicroClean Plus is the most robust,
  efficient system available
• Traps virtually all particles, large and small
• Removes oils and lotions from the water
• MicroClean Plus filter lasts up to 9 months
  for reduced maintenance and replacements
• Filters thoroughly from two directions;
  spa’s main pump pulls water through
  pleated filter and 24-hour circulation pump
  pulls through microfiber element
• No leaching of chemicals from pure fiber
• Similar technology used in home drinking

Dynamic Flow Circulation System
(880 Series spas)
• Quiet operation, programmable for
  24-hour filtration
• Pump works with MicroClean system
  and optional ozone systems to
  optimize filtration
• Compact size for efficiency
• Promotes virtually bacteria-free spa

125 sq. ft. Filtration
(780 Series - Solo)
• Floating weir gate drops during filtration
  cycles for maximum skimming action.
• Traps particles
• Easy to access
• Horizontal filter position for wider filtration
• Built-in automatic brominator in filter
  area uses bromine tablets or
  SunPurity™ Mineral Purifier


Ozone technology: used for decades in water sanitization
  systems to keep water free of impurities and microorganisms.

SunZone™ mixing chamber: triples the positive effects of
  ozone: cleaner water, longer life for spa components, and less
  need for chemicals.


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