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 Infinity Swim Spa


Infinity Swimspa Photo An Infinity Swim Spa combines the exercise benefits of a swimming pool, the therapeutic benefits of a spa and the fun elements of a hot tub. Easier to install and cheaper to maintain than a conventional swimming pool the Infinity Swim Spa takes up far less space and can be located just about anywhere, inside, outside, above ground, below ground, even half way
between the two.

Because you are swimming on the spot you actually get more exercise per session, and afterwards, you can look forward to a relaxing hydro therapeutic spa massage. At the weekends why not get your family and friends around and have some fun, ten people in the spa still leaves plenty of room.
Swimming is widely considered to be the most beneficial form of aerobic exercise known to man, ideal for building strength and endurance with low impact on joints and muscles. But let’s face it, there is often little time in the day to go to a swimming pool and not enough space and money to install a pool at home.

Infinity Swimspa Demonstration
A swim spa is the ideal solution - however, in a lot of swim spas the ability to swim at all is a challenge in itself, the commonest problems being 1) staying central against the current and 2) staying buoyant within the vast amount of turbulence BUT, using V-Stream technology, swimming in an Infinity is easy.
Infinity Swimspa PhotoV-Stream technology works by introducing lift as well as current, and the actual ‘cradle’ shape of the current keeps you central so you don’t find yourself constantly losing balance which allows you to relax and enjoy swimming.

Why not try it yourself to see exactly what we mean!
The real value of an Infinity Swim Spa, however, is not just the ability to
swim at any time of the day, any time of the year but also to relax in the
6-seater hot tub area using its hydro therapeutic benefits to help relax, improve circulation problems, blood pressure problems, ease aching joints or simply melt away tension and tiredness.
AND, of course, you can use the pool to have some fun with the kids and generally create some real quality time with your friends and family.
It will easily be one of the best, most life-value, investments you have ever made. . . .Guaranteed.

Dimensions - L. 4280 x W. 2320 x H. 1320mm

Unique V Shaped Jet Configuration Photo                 Australian Olympic Team

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