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Hot Tub With Stereo

Hot Tub with Stereo

Listen to AM/FM radio or a CD from an optional built-in sound system. Sundance SunSound Stereo is a patented, UL®-listed in-spa stereo system with pop-up speakers on available 800 Series models, and in-pillow speakers on designated 700 Series spas. Sound resonates through the water from a subwoofer installed in the spa's frame, so you feel and hear the sound. A custom-designed equalizer optimizes sound quality. (The SunSound Stereo system is available on selected models.)

8 0 0    S E R I E S
Hot Tub Speaker

SunSound Stereo
• Optional on select 800 Series models
• New iTouch Media Docking Station Made for iPod
• New auxiliary 3.5mm input jack for MP3 players
• Floating remote control

Hot Tub Speaker

Pop-Up Speakers
• Raise and lower speaker by pressing on its top.

Spa Stereo

Remote Control
• Waterproof, high-quality, floating remote with wrist strap
• Available with the SunSound Stereo option on select 880 Series spas
• Adjust stereo and pumps without leaving your seat

Spa Stereo

iTouch Media Docking Station
• Plays music from an iPod, with recharger
• Auxiliary 3.5 mm input jack for MP3 players
• Standard with the SunSound 880 Series Stereo option

Made For iPod

Legal: This product has been designed specifically to work with iPod and has been certified by the developer to meet Apple performance standards.

7 0 0    S E R I E S
Hot Tub Speaker

SunSurround Stereo
• Optional on 780 Series models
• New auxiliary MP3 jack
• New waterproof micro-speakers
• New remote control hard-wired into top of the spa

SunSurround Speakers

SunSurround Speakers
• Waterproof micro-speakers built into the spa near pillow headrests

SunSurround Hard-Wired Remote

SunSurround Hard-Wired Remote
• Digital screen with touchpad functionality
• Built into the top of the spa for convenient access


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