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Spa Control

Spa control

The controls on a Sundance Spas hot tub are easy to use and conveniently located. Digital touchpads give you total control of all functions: water circulation, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, filtration, purification, temperature, and lights. Every model features clear and legible LCD digital readouts, and most panels can be flipped for easy reading whether you're inside or outside the hot tub. You can fully customize your spa experience by selecting water and air pressure, and type of jets for a just-right massage.

For your peace of mind:
MICROPROCESSORS continually check all functions for accuracy, safety and reliability.
WATER TEMPERATURE READOUTS are accurate to within one-half of a degree.
SAFETY FEATURES include constant water temperature readouts.
FACTORY PRESET filter control cycles help ensure energy conservation.
PRIMARY TOUCH PADS have backlit, tactile buttons, for easy nighttime operation.
AUTOMATIC SHUT-OFF occurs on therapy jet pumps after 20 minutes.
SECURITY CODE LOCKS control panel to prevent children or others from changing programmed settings.


8 0 0    S E R I E S
Spa Control

i-Touch Controls
• Fully programmable i-Touch Control Panel
• Digital touchpad control of all functions
• Clear LCD readouts
• Advanced microprocessors check all functions 60 times per second
• Display flips to read from inside/outside the spa

Spa Control

AquaTerrace Controls
• Digital touchpad control of light feature
• Vary stream action using separate water diverter

Spa Control

AquaTerrace Water Feature
• Vary stream from full waterfall to gentle cascade
• Works independently of jets
• Features adjustable colored back-lighting
6 0 0    &    7 0 0    S E R I E S    (    E X C L U D I N G    S O L O    )
Spa Control

i-Touch Controls
• Digital touchpad control of water pressure
• Choose from preprogrammed temperature and filtration cycles
• Controls within arm's length of every seat

Spa Control

i-Touch Controls
• Digital touchpad control of water pressure
• Choose from preprogrammed temperature and filtration cycles
• Controls within arms length of every seat
* Select Models

Spa Control

i-Touch Controls
• Programmable temperature, jets and lights
• Clear, easy-to-use LED readouts
* Select Models
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