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Planning ahead will produce a "built-in" look, and avoid the impression that the spa was added-on.

Is your spa easy to get to from the house? The closer it is, the more you'll enjoy it.

Think about privacy when deciding where to place your spa. Check the views into your yard. SunStrong spa panels add privacy and enhance the cozy atmosphere inside your spa.

Hot Tub Privacy

Access to the spa from the house is usually via an existing wood, concrete, or masonry patio. You may have secondary access to or from a lawn area that provides continuity between your house, spa, and yard. The area next to the stairs leading from the spa to the lawn provides the perfect spot for a flowerbed, or a towel tree.

Create a "stepping-stone" effect for the transition between spa decking and lawn area to strengthen the continuity between your house and yard.

  • • Allow the ground cover (i.e. turf, low growing grasses, moss, etc.) to grow between the stepping-stones to blend the hardscape (decking) to the softscape (lawn area).
  • • Redwood rounds make nice stepping-stones. If your decking is masonry, match the brick, flagstone, or tile.



Create different environments for your spa by adding adjacent planter beds for trees, shrubs, ground cover and flowers. Other options include patio coverings, arbors, built-in planter boxes, freestanding planters, potted plants, hanging baskets and additional water features.

Consider planting fruit trees and/or flowering and fragrant shrubbery. Be sure to plan the location of any new trees carefully to prevent limbs from hanging over your spa as they grow.

Hot Tub Landscaping Idea

Sundance Spas’ line of accessories includes planter boxes that are made to blend in perfectly with your cabinet color and exactly fit the contours of your spa. The line also includes steps, bars and barstools, privacy surrounds, planters and towel trees.

Make sure your sprinkler system does not spray water towards your spa or other accessories. Freestanding planters and pots should not be placed directly on decking, but on small lengths of wood such as 1" x 1" square stock. This elevates the container and allows air to flow around the container.



Patio coverings range from very simple to complex. Create different environments by selecting a particular type of wood, posts and lattice design, sealant, stain or paint. The amount of sunlight can be controlled by the spacing of the lattice. Placing shade cloth (like the ones used in nurseries) under the lattice can generate a "greenhouse effect". Growing flowering and fragrant vines on the covering produces a very cozy atmosphere.

Take a look at the Sundance line of gazebos and other outdoor spa accessories designed to provide shade and privacy for your hot tub, or email us for a free brochure.

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