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We offer a complete range of products and services to enable you to get the most from your automatic gates. Here are just a few of the products that we offer.


We supply a range of tradition hard wired intercoms and digital combination pads. We have found that the latest wireless units have far less impact on the property and can be cheaper to install.

Diracom Headset

When activated the intercom headset that is installed at the entrance will call the house, this can call a wireless phone in the house allowing you to take the handset into the garden. If someone calls you on the intercom you are able to talk to the person at the gate and let them in from the same handset.

Diracom Headset

Using mobile technology are now able to set up the intercom to dial a range of numbers. So typically you would have 3 buttons programmed on the intercom as shown here -

Button 1 – House
Button 2 – Mr Wood
Button 3 – Mrs Wood

This effectively gives you an endless range to the intercom so you can be in the garden relaxing or in Dubai on holiday and you are still able to let people in and out of the gate.

Combined Intercom & CCTV

The Videx VK6 allows you to see who’s at the gate as well as talk to them. This unit needs hardwiring to the house.

Simple Push Button

For complete simplicity a push button can be installed on the entrance to the property so the milk man, paperboy, friends etc can let themselves in. Obviously this is not for security !

You would install this unit instead of an intercom or digital pad and use the system to open the gates automatically for people with remote fobs.

Remote Key Fob

Each system is normally supplied with two key fobs as part of the pack. Extra units can be supplied on request.

These remotes feature rolling codes providing added security as standard. It is possible to set the key fobs up to carry out up to 4 functions. For example you could open your garage door, turn on the garden lights etc.

Swipe Card Readers

Proximity Readers are a powerful solution to the common problem of multiple user systems.

Our standard system can handle up to 500 users simple to program, validate and invalidate card individually, password protected.

Swipe cards are available in a more convenient compact key ring version, as shown here.

This is one of the safest and most cost effective ways of giving access to multiple users.

Time Clocks & Magnetic Loops

By combining a magnetic loop and a time clock it is possible to allow people access to the property during certain hours, normally day time. Outside of those hours people are required to gain access in the normal fashion, intercom, key fobs etc.

This is very useful for businesses and in some residential installations where you might be working at home and want people to gain access during the day. The time clock function can be switched off using a simple waterproof switch.

Magnetic Lock

Magnetic locks are supplied with armature plates and the two are held together magnetically when power is applied. The armature plate is allowed to float on it’s mounting plate in order that it squares up face to face with the magnet when fitted to uneven surfaces.

On single gates the magnet can be fitted to the slam post and the armature to the gate, alleviating the need to run a cable across the moving gate. Mounting plates are generally tailor made by the installer to suit individual applications.

GS 65 Magnet ~ Exterior Rated. 400lb Holding force

Circular magnet with cable gland. Useful little lock for Hold open & Hold closed. The small 65mm round shape is easy to fit to open gate stops.

Mechanical Locks - V90 VIRO LOCK 12v

The Viro V90 can be mounted vertically (ground latch) or horizontally (post latch) and is supplied with either keep.

The lock wires directly to the lock output on the system control panel and is supplied with 2 keys. The lock body measures 130mm wide x 105mm deep (used horizontally) and zinc coated.

Replacement Control Panels

For existing automatic gates owners we offer a range of control panels that should in most case replace the existing unit.

Please call our service technician to book a service call to find out how we can do to help.

Battery Back-Up

On a 24volt system it is possible to install a Back-up Battery that will automatically cut in should the mains power at the house fail. This enables the user to gain access to their property using the key fobs.

If you would like any further information please feel free to call 0118 930 5000 or email gates@jameswhitepools.co.uk. Free quotations available on request.

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