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                                                                                                                                         What is a Sauna?
Sauna is a cleansing and relaxing experience which can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home– all you need is space for the sauna cabin and a convenient shower or bath. The cabin itself does not need a lot of room – just enough for the number of people who wish to use the sauna at any one time and it is not necessary to lie down, all you need is sufficient room to sit comfortably. However you prefer it, the atmosphere is ideal for relaxing either with family or friends.

Nowadays, and it is evident the use of saunas has grown beyond measure for reason of natural body healing. Our infrared saunas contribute to complete stress reduction, relaxation, and all-around better health. An Infrared Sauna is an affordable pleasingness that adds comfortable value to your home. Plus, with its relaxation and health benefits, Infrared Sauna is a retreat that creates value for your whole family. Enter your own infrared sauna room and step into the realm of prospering warmth of infrared ray energy to relax, detoxify, and ease aching muscles.

Homeowners who love to enjoy the comfort of your own home together with the beneficial effects for your body and health will definitely appreciate infrared sauna. You will be fascinated by the healing effects an infrared sauna can bring to your health. You can experience the positive emotions sauna gives you, simply by going into an Infrared Sauna to feel good. The owning of IR sauna has many beneficial effects by opening the pores flushing out impurities and leaving the skin clean and refreshed, and because of the increased metabolic rate and the energy required for perspiring. Regular use of Our Infrared saunas increase blood circulation, ease pain from sore muscles or aching joints, burn calories and improve skin tone. These are just a few of the benefits of infrared sauna sessions. Apart from giving a great feeling of well being, infrared sauna can aid the reduction of various toxins accumulated in the body and help with general health care. It is widely acknowledged over the years that an infrared sauna is especially helpful with aiding such ailments as colds, rheumatism, arthritis, acne and various skin complaints, whilst also eliminating fatigue and aiding sleep.

Just imagine that infrared sauna can heal: soothes and relaxes tired muscles, relieves mental fatigue, helps maintain the blood vessels. Provides temporary relief for arthritic pain, increases resistance to illness as well as burns as many as 300 calories during a Sauna session. Infrared saunas help to maintain clear, healthy skin and heal kidney function.

Using modern technology and construction techniques, it is now possible for almost anyone to take advantage of the many benefits of an Infrared sauna within the comfort and privacy of their own home.

3 Person

of our saunas include (depending on model chosen):

BZc Sunsoka Infrared Saunas have been designed and developed to bring the whole Sauna experience to every home regardless of space and budget and with 4 models in the range there is something for everyone. The Sunsoka Sauna range has been commended for its ease of construction and variety of models available. Brought to you from BZc, manufacturers of the award winning range of Sunsokawooden pools. the purchase of a Sunsoka Sauna can be made with confidence from a name you can trust. All models come complete with a built in CD stereo to enhance the enjoyment you get from your sauna. The unit requires minimal space and is perfectly suited for a garage, spare room etc. Assembled in under 2 hours - then plug into a 13amp socket, pick up your book and relax in the sure knowledge your going to come out feeling terriffic!


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